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stainless steel section

Stainless steel section is applied in the engineering construction. Based on the good corrosion resistance, it can make structure parts keep the integrity of engineering design permanently. Chromium stainless steel with high mechanical strength and extensibility is easy to process and manufacture parts and it can meet the needs of architects and structural designers. After the first successful practical application, the stainless section steel with standard specifications has angle steel, flat steel and square steel.

Stainless Steel Profile
stainless steel profiles

Stainless steel profile is a kind of stainless steel materials with different cross section shape through hot melt and extrusion of stainless steel rods. The production process of stainless steel section mainly includes casting, extrusion and coloring. Furthermore, coloring process contains oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorine carbon spraying, powder coating and wooden transfer etc.

Classification According to Application
1.    Building stainless steel section
2.    Radiator stainless steel profile
3.    General industrial stainless steel section: it is mainly used in industrial manufacturing such as automation machinery equipment, framework of sealing cover and the module companies according to their own machinery requirements custom like conveyor belt, elevator, checkout equipment and goods shelf etc.  
4.    Railway vehicle structure: it is mainly used in the railway vehicle car body manufacturing.

Classification According to Alloy Steel Composition
Stainless steel profile can be divided into 1024、2011、6063、6061、6082、7075 etc. Among of them, the 6 series is the most common. Difference of various brands is that the ratio of various kinds of metal components is not the same. Except common aluminum doors and windows like 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series and curtain wall series of construction stainless section steel, there is no clear model distinguish. Many plants manufacture stainless section steel according to the customers’ actual drawing.