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stainless steel annealing

What are the factors affecting the 316 stainless steel bright annealing?
  • Effect of stainless steel annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature.Stainless steel solution heat treatment heat treatment is generally taken, as people usually termed annealing temperature range 1040~1120℃ (Japan standards).You can anneal furnace observation hole, annealing 316l stainless steel should be ended, but did not appear to soften down.
  • The annealing atmosphere. Are generally used as pure hydrogen annealing atmosphere, purity of atmosphere the best is 99.99%, if another part of the noble gases in the atmosphere, and purity can also be lower, but must not contain too much oxygen and water vapor.
  • Sealing the furnace. Bright annealing furnace is closed, air is isolated with the outside world; using hydrogen as shielding gas, one is through the exhaust port (used to light emission of hydrogen gas). Check with SOAP and water in various joint gaps of annealing furnace to see if deflation; one of the most easily into deflation is annealing furnace tubes and tube place the seals in this area particularly prone to wear, be sure to check often.
  • Protection of air pressure. In order to prevent micro-leakage and shielding gas should maintain a positive pressure in the furnace, if the shielding gas is hydrogen, the General requirements of 20kBar.
  • water vapor in the furnace. Check furnace material is dry on the one hand, the initial charging, furnace material must be dry; the second is whether the 304 stainless steel stove too much residual water stains, special tubes if there are holes, don't leak into the or else destroyed the furnace atmosphere.
stainless steel annealing