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antibacterial stainless steel

Application of antibacterial stainless steel food catering kitchen industry.

We know we usually see 304 stainless steel uses a lot of environmental protection, food industry, hotel, etc are used to, it can not only antibacterial, does not rust, is a shop is characteristic of its appearance.

Stainless steel antibacterial, mainly contains copper, and copper when in contact with bacteria, copper can be directly kill bacteria, has antibacterial sterilization function, anti-bacterial stainless steel is to be heated first after the copper concentration of precipitation from the inside, and then polished, can play a role in antimicrobial.

antibacterial stainless steel

Antibacterial stainless steel and much stronger compared to the usual stainless steels corrosion resistance, with the increase of copper-containing two processing again according to its needs, but it's the right amount of hot and cold need to process.

Compared to similar antibacterial stainless steel and stainless steel prices, plasticity and ability to withstand depths cold drawing significantly improved, but the hardness of martensite improvement of mold damage have increased markedly. Austenitic steel with brass two increases stability had improved.

This is the above-mentioned advantages of antibacterial stainless steel, so it is welcomed by the market, and use, it's not only in food and beverage, hotels can be used, is in the usual home of stair handrails, the bus handrail mix are also used.