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Stainless steel plate market

Stainless steel plate market has frayed nerves in the overall market to climax.

Steel price "monkey sex full" if said soared for market of boost relative useful of words, so soared 800-1000 Yuan in existing economic environment Xia will directly support burst market of psychological endurance, plunged of expected actually already exists, but steel price in rapid plunged Hou and reproduction magic rebound, was hit tongue of stainless steel angle market has full will market of neural stretched to climax, even near madness.

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Futures with leverage: used to be a financial Gao Fushuai called the cock fighter 316L in stainless steel, iron ore futures. Tut, it really is black gold. Comprehensive fire 316L stainless steel hot in the first half of play. 7 consecutive months, 316L stainless steel about futures trading domestic futures market share 20%, a record. Because futures with leverage and losing speed second reading without blowing too hard for bosses.

Monster slab strong hits: both led by continuous trading and the Tangshan draft environmental protection Expo expected impacts of Monster green power in 16, at a glance, steel network data, March 1, at 1720 Yuan/ton to April 21 at 2640/ton up 920 Yuan/ton, or 53.49%. March 5 and 6th days soared by 240 Yuan/ton, this is Heaven, steel city seems underwent a baptism of steel trading business mood is riot a monster slab of anxiety to the extreme and crazy.

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Most environmentally-friendly production from last year's implementation of the new environmental law, to Tangshan garden Expo environmental limited production this year, we can clearly see the importance of national environmental protection reached a record high. Environmental protection at a time comes, steel city, there will be changes; environmental protection this year, blowing of the wind place also has its special characteristics, market for environmental protection in Tangshan has not the slightest resistance, "you blow me up" into law! Other parts of stainless steel prices and futures markets is also a very "ambiguity" of cooperation!