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316L stainless steel market prices

From the steel mill cost: Coke, steel prices rose sharply in August, runs iron ore price shocks, the overall rate of increase in costs is less than the steel price, steel mills profits continued to improve. Regardless of whether is a plate or long products enterprise, factory prices overall rise, steel, steel in August, cumulative price increases up to RMB 180-220/ton. Steel orders improved, prices rising, pull in part on higher steel prices.

316L stainless steel angle

Taken together, increased efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, together with gold and nine silver ten expected impact, strengthening and promoting 316l stainless steel market prices but 7 August surge in low season also have overdrawn on market demand of the September season, accumulated in the process of rising steel prices in the stock market in September will face a certain degree of price pressure on resources and cash. Expected in September domestic shocks and weak stainless steel prices, the overall trend is running.

Name Specifications Unit price
304 Steel Angle 2# 13.6
2.5# 11.9
3# 11.9
4#-6# 11.5
6.3#-7.5# 11.5
8# 11.5
10# 11.8
316 Steel Angle 2.5#-3# 15.5
4#-6# 15
6.3#-7.5# 15
8# 15
10# 15.3
Main: round steel, channel steel, angle steel, flat steel, square, hexagonal, optical element, optical wire, shaped steel, as well as non-standard custom-made
Material: 304, 316, 316L, 310S