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316 stainless steel plant

Increasing coal ratio and decreasing Coke ratio of blast furnace production is an important means of reducing fuel consumption. To this end, 316 stainless steel plants adopt various measures, mining potential of coal tar, constantly adjusting the ventilation system to ensure reasonable distribution of gas, improved blast furnace hearth activity. Adjusted the cloth matrix 3200 cubic metres, 2580 m formed two standard cloth pattern, solve problems such as hull off frequently. In May, 316 stainless steel plant furnace Coke rate hit a record high.

304 stainless steel plant production stability along the line of blast furnace safety and keep long life as basic and fundamental, technical backbone of the longevity technology of blast furnace. Brick temperature, furnace temperature measurement and other monitoring tools, comprehensive monitoring of blast furnace hearth to ensure security control of blast furnace. In order to improve the effect of cooling water system of blast furnace, hearth new water stations, respectively to the hearth, hearth water supply improved furnace cooling capacity. Around the stable operation of blast furnaces and sintering machines, 316 stainless steel factory innovate equipment management mode, enhance the efficiency of operation of equipment. Efforts to increase integration of inspection and maintenance personnel, building based on professional inspection and operation inspection and maintenance to support integration of check point mode and achieve optimized maintenance resources and equipment running rate. Strictly enforce the "daily fix, repair and overhaul" Division of interface, the implementation of "clean, fastening, lubrication, adjustment" character, strengthen the field of 5S management, enhance accuracy of device capabilities. This year, 316 stainless steel plant equipment accident frequency fell 9, or 56% or more.

While, 310S stainless steel factory also combined production actual active carried out champion furnace, and best sintering machine race, and spray coal race, and "Star workers" race, and iron tank turnover insurance produced race, and equipment no accident race, contest, monthly by contribution degrees for awards, guide general workers active into losses increased effect battle, create "everyone shoulder Shang has index, and Jack burden everyone pick" of good atmosphere.