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304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel angle iron problems in recent years, our country has been concerned about and introduced a number of alternative policies. Compressed capacity, improve concentration, transformation and upgrading of products and other related policies, relevant ministries have been promulgated guidelines or policy planning.

Actual out of 304 stainless steel production capacity of 94.67 million tons, exceeding of the phase-out, even more so than planning the phase-out has doubled, policy repeatedly force obviously fruitful. However, China's crude steel production capacity of 1.15 billion tons, while capacity utilization was only about 70%, and low industry concentration, making the market better, 316 stainless steel enterprises increased competition, service to yield still greater.

Stainless Steel tubes and pipes

With the development of 304 stainless steel, stainless steel development in the future? At present, the central economic work Conference that Thirteen-Five's first priority is to supply side capacity structural reform, 304 stainless steel industrial development goals depends on: resolve the overcapacity and eliminating zombies; promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, upgrade encouraged product innovation and structural adjustment; promoting the diversification of the Green transformation, industry lead enterprises to go global, the international cooperation capacity.