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304 stainless steel production

Earlier the index is 371/ton as of July 11 was 414 Yuan/ton, bounces up to 11.6%. Analysts told the qilu evening news reporter, since the beginning of the Bohai Sea thermal coal price index has risen 29 Yuan/ton, near 7.8%, Shenhua, China coal, the leading enterprises in the industry with coal, big enterprises such as ITA water thermal coal prices also gained 30-40 Yuan per ton.

Meanwhile, China coal energy performance July 11 said, is expected in 2016 compared with the loss of 965 million yuan from a year earlier in the first half, will achieve profitability, achieve the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 350 million to 520 million Yuan. Open pit coal mining earnings forecasts, comprehensive price 304 stainless steel angle bars enhance the impact, reduce production cost, net profit in the first quarter is expected to increase in the first half.

Stainless Steel Structural angles

Now countries advocate the use of clean coal, clean coal prices also rose, I supply clean coal of industrial enterprises in Tianjin and Shandong and other places, is also increasing, but very difficult for me to judge, whether for economic recovery.

Analysts, into 2016, countries have introduced policy measures to resolve the 304 stainless steel overcapacity, strict implementation of 276 days of coal mine production system organization, 304 stainless steel drop in steel production in China in the first half, imbalances between supply and demand contradiction in remission, 304 stainless steel prices have started to stabilize and unabated.

stainless steel seamless pipe

"Overall, while thermal coal limited gains, but to some extent also boosted confidence in the market. Summer peak of coal on coal power is also very large, mainly because our power is 60% be supported on 304 stainless steel angle iron. "Analysts," said stainless steel prices continue downward trend starting from late April, raw material coking coal prices began to come under pressure, coking coal market will gradually stabilize in the second half and is expected to moderate, winning streak will be broken.