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304 stainless steel angle iron production

Short-term overcapacity situation will not change.As the new production can be effectively controlled, 304 stainless steel industry trend is steadily getting better. 304 stainless steel prices by April had a rising trend at the beginning of this year, with all steel cuts before related, post prices, also associated with Mills to improve supply.

Hebei section steel mill for steel price rise in production. To this end, the requirements the province, Hebei province, ban illegal build 304 stainless steel production capacity and closure of 304 stainless steel angle iron equipment production.

Insiders pointed out that property, the steel price is also a function. profits from more than half of 304 stainless steel pipe research, billet price growth is most notable in the first half, up near 10%, several steel companies out of the red.

National crude steel output target this year to 45 million tons, but the data shows in January-May, up to 329.9 million tons of crude steel, down 1.4% from a year earlier, at the end of May, 304 stainless steel industry operating rate increased to 88.92% from 78% at the beginning. "Trade capacity of 304 stainless steel angle to go. ”

Pattern of 304 stainless steel supply surplus in the short term will not fundamentally change, 316 stainless steel prices continue to rise the lack of adequate support, unsustainable, coal with clean energy alternatives and other factors, growth in demand have limited space. Repeatedly made it clear that the leadership of the State Council, stainless steel plant capacity objectives and tasks must be completed this year. The goal responsibility is the military order of the provinces signed, one by one by the end of inventory accountability. Did not complete the task for this new year, accountability will be taken seriously.